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The Finest Craftsmanship with Timber-Framed Pavilions

Creating Coziness with Durable and Aesthetic Structures

Add Elegance to Your Space With Timber-Framed Pavilions

Having a space that is cozy yet beautiful is usually on everyone’s list when it comes to creating that perfect space. With our timber-frame pavilions, we create just that for you – relaxation. Our pavilions are designed to give you durable yet aesthetically pleasing structures that will match exactly what you need.

A timber framed pavilion with a seating area underneath.

Are you unsure if you’re in need of A TIMBER-FRAMED PAVILION?

Here Is why you should make the investment! 

  • You want to enhance your outdoor space
  • You’re seeking a sturdy structure that also adds decor 
  • You need something that will match your lifestyle and taste
  • You’re looking to increase the value of your property 



Initial Design

We get to know your wants and needs. This will help design the perfect structure for you and your space.


We need to get the space ready for the structure. We will decide the perfect place for it. 

Crafted In Central PA

Your timber framed pavilion is made by hand in Central Pennsylvania by the Amish community. They use the highest quality materials then ship it to us for assembly.


After we receive your pavilion we will assemble it and leave you to enjoy your new space.

Frequently Asked Questions

LEARN MORE ABOUT TIMBER-framed pavilions

How long does it take to build a timber-framed pavilion?

The construction is based on the design and size. 

Can I customize the design?

Of course! It is greatly encouraged for you, the customer, to choose exactly what you want for your space. 

How do I maintain my pavilion?

Our timber–framed pavilions are generally low-maintenance. Regular cleaning will keep it looking its best! 


Are You Prepared to Beautify Your Land?