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Your Land, Your Way: Excavation, Forestry Mulching, and More




Excavation Excellence: We Dig Your Dreams into Reality 

Unlock the true potential of your land with King’s Excavation and Land Management, your trusted partner in top-notch excavation services. With a commitment to quality, we help landowners and homeowners transform their properties into functional and beautiful spaces. We believe in the beauty of transformation. We see beyond a raw piece of land, and see its potential – a vibrant yet functional space that mirrors your lifestyle. 


Unearth Your Land’s Potential

Our dedicated and skilled team is here to provide you with land management services that are tailored to your specific needs. They ensure that your land is perfectly leveled and prepared for any construction or landscaping project. From forestry & mulching and hauling to the construction of timber-framed pavilions, each project is executed with an eye for detail. 

A forestry mulching machine.


With our forestry mulching service, we use a single machine to cut, grind, and clear unwanted vegetation from the land. By recycling the vegetation into a nutrient-rich mulch, we provide you with healthy land regeneration which allows your land to reach its full potential and look beautiful. 

A machine moving a big pile of dirt around.


From residential to commercial, we have the best skills and quality machinery to take on a project of any size. Our skilled team is ready to craft basements, ponds, foundations, and much more, ensuring that the end results match and exceed your expectations. We offer all customers professional hauling services to easily transport large materials to and from the worksite to ensure timely delivery.

A beautiful concrete and retaining wall.


Concrete is the backbone of long-lasting structures. From foundations to driveways, our concrete services give you the solid groundwork that every property needs. In addition to concrete work, we provide construction in retaining walls for your property. Our retaining wall service protects your landscape against soil erosion and water runoff. 

A newly built timber framed pavilion.


Custom-designed for your wants in mind, they are built with expert craftsmanship. Not only do they give an aesthetic feel, they also are extremely practical for gatherings. We create the finest pavilions that not only enhance your landscape, but also provide a covered space for relaxation any day of the week. Our pavilions are built to last. 


Our Reputation in Excavation

As leaders in excavation and land management services, King’s has built a reputation for results. Our team is dedicated to you, ensuring our equipment and techniques are always the best they can be and every project is completed to the highest standards. 

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